Stop Smoking Hypnosis Online

Doing online stop smoking hypnosis sessions

I offer a service to help smokers and vapers quit for good so they can save money, feel less stressed and look forward to a healthy future.

I offer my whole stop smoking hypnosis process online over Zoom or Skype for clients who prefer to do the process remotely or who are located far away from London. I started offering this when the pandemic forced us all on to Zoom, but I continue to offer this service because the work is just as effective and it means I can work with people outside London and the UK.

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"In comparison to going cold turkey in the past, this was a lot easier… I was fully in control. After 2 months being ciggy free, I have absolutely no desire to smoke. Not a single thought it urge pops into my head. I can confidently say I will never touch another ciggy ever again."


"I would 100% reccomend Leo, I really would. It’s the best thing that I ever did! I just wish I knew about him sooner. I like the way he talks to you, he’s on the same level as you, he doesn’t try and dictate to you. He listens to you, and that’s the most important thing – he listens to your needs and picks up on what you need. It makes it personal, it makes it feel like he’s 100% behind you. He doesn’t judge you, there’s none of that – he just wants to help you. I definitely think he’s found his niche in life and I would definitely, 100% reccomend him."


"For anybody that is looking to stop smoking and has tried before and may have struggled, I really, really reccomend Leo and the service that he provides. It honestly does work, it works! I’m a non-smoker, I’m so grateful. He’s an amazing practitioner, and I couldn’t reccomend him more. So if you want to be free of smoking then go for it, do it! You won’t regret it!"


"I definitely think you should give hypnotherapy with Leo a chance! For me, I think the thought of how smoking programs you to get in to your life is something that you really need to give consideration to and that’s something that this whole process helps you to do!"


How do I book an Online Stop Smoking Hypnosis session?

The first step to begin the process of working with me is to book a free 45-minute Discovery call. This call will give me the chance to learn about you and your needs and work out whether we would be a good fit to work together. If we work together then we will arrange a time for you to have your first stop smoking or stop vaping hypnotherapy session online, or in either the Central London or Camden office.