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This website is designed to market a hypnotherapy service to stop people smoking and also to provide a platform for users to purchase this service. In order to do this effectively, this website does collect and process certain information from its users, which this policy illuminates in detail.  Throughout, Both Feet on the Ground is also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘this website’.

This website uses cookies, which means that when you first visit this website you are kindly asked if this website may collect certain data about you, the way you view this website and the device you view it on. This is done in the form of cookies (browser trackers) and a pixel (built-in web code designed to collect information), specifically Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. If you agree to being tracked, then the specific data they will collect on you includes: your IP address and network location; the time you visit this website, the pages you visit, amount of time you spend on each page and which buttons you press; the website that referred you to this one; the type of device and operating system you are using and details like the version of Flash you are using, whether you have Javascript enabled, the resolution of your screen and its colour processing ability. It’s also likely that if you reached this website through an ad run on a Facebook-owned platform, then the Facebook Pixel will associate your activity on this site to your Facebook profile in order to inform ad targeting. However, rest assured that none of the data this website collects through Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels allows Both Feet on the Ground to identify you personally. The data this tracking generates is used only to inform our marketing and advertising and is accessible only to us and/or professionals carefully chosen by Both Feet on the Ground to deliver marketing and advertising services on our behalf. It will never be used for any other reason or by any other party. If you’d like the read more about how Google use the information they gather through Analytics, then you can do that here.

Please know that you may absolutely decline to be tracked by Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel and still continue to use this site. You are also able to change your mind and reject any further tracking from this website if you initially agreed to it but change your mind: this can usually be done through the preference options in your browser or through an almost hidden white box tucked away at the bottom right of your screen next to the reCaptcha symbol (look closely – it’s there!). Hover over it, and you will see a link that says ‘manage consent’. For more information about cookies and tracking on this website, please also note the more detailed cookie policy, which you can access here.

If you get in touch with Both Feet on the Ground or book a Discovery Call using Calendly, then it’s likely you’ll be sharing personal information like you name, phone number and email address or anything relevant to your enquiry. This information is only used to assist you with your enquiry and is seen only by the hypnotherapist. Records of any correspondence are kept securely in the hypnotherapist’s mailbox or mobile phone and protected by up-to-date cyber security software. Any physical data files of your personal information will be kept securely in a locked area accessibly only to the hypnotherapist. After two years, all information will be deleted or destroyed. We are happy to tell you any personal information we hold on you at any time, and also to delete/destroy it if you ask us to. Please note that information you share with us via Calendly will be subject to Calendly’s privacy policy also, which you can read here.

Both Feet on the Ground uses Stripe and PayPal to process payments for services which means that you will need to share relevant payment information with them. Both Feet on the Ground does not have access to any sensitive information beyond your name, email address and/or phone number. You can read more about the way Stripe uses the data they collect from you here and how PayPal uses the data they collect from you here.

Please note that this privacy policy does not cover information you share with the hypnotherapist when you book and undertake a session. This is all covered by the FreeMind Code of Ethics (on page 3, section ‘Confidentiality, maintenance of records and recording of sessions), which you can read here.

Remember that other sites you may access through this one may have different privacy policies so we recommend that you check them separately.

By using this website and our services, you agree to this privacy policy.


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